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Alchemy from the Heart

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Alchemy from the heart is more than just a business. It's a lifestyle change, a philosophy, a re'volution of reaching and maintaining one's fullest potential on our journey. Along our journey we come across kindred spirits or as I like to call them the ‘fragmented pieces’ that are, our soul tribe who assist us with uncovering another piece to our puzzle, enhancing our journey in becoming more whole and connected with ourselves, each other and the infinite.

Creating a Sacred space - I happily ease your nerves by creating a space where you can feel free to be yourself, guiding you on your journey in creating your "Happily Ever After". I believe it’s important to work within one’s boundaries or pain threshold if you will, of what each person is willing to be open to via communication.

Here you are in a safe and loving space where you are able to access; the deepest parts of your mind, hidden desires, wants and needs - accessing your subconscious with as much ease as possible to awaken to your fullest potential in order to increase our awareness and transcend what once held us back into higher levels of consciousness.

Often we have suppressed much within the corners of our mind. The atmosphere created helps to soothe and calms the beast within allowing it to come out in a space where it is accepted and can be nurtured. The environment helps to naturally, heighten your senses to begin or continue guiding you on your journey safely and smoothly as possible through your perceived turmoil onto the ‘other side.’

Who am I?

There are many labels that resonate with me, it’s hard to express ones multidimensional self into label so I will go with this; I am Vasiliky. As a Scorpio, it is my job to guide you safely, deep into the realms of darkness, where not many dare to travel, in order to get to the core of any situation or energy block in your life, bringing you back into the world full of light, love and a renewed sense of hope.

Once the core issue is found I give easy, practical exercises to help you release any resistance assisting you to accept and integrate any new changes with ease. These exercises helped me through my transition in my transformation period that I swear by and still use in my life every day.

I believe my purpose in life is to help connect people to their truth, to the earth and the universe, to find what balance is to them, to bring inner peace and hope into our lives in order to assist each other in what we are seeking.

As a keeper of secrets and hidden mysteries I am here to share the secrets of the universe with all those who ask as they need no longer be secret. As the saying goes; “Ask and you shall receive.” It all begins with acknowledging that we are indeed the creators of our own reality. We create and are responsible for ourselves and each other. If we do not like something it is up to us to change it, sharing our experiences and creating with one another as we journey together. I choose to live a creative life; which means there are no mistakes nor lessons, merely experiences to be shared.

I have interpreted messages from the Divine for over 10 years now delivering universal truth with love. It is my honour to read the vibrations, gathering information, translating them into each person’s level of understanding in order to interconnect each other and help uplift humanity by bridging the gap of separation!

Through my own journey, I have found that though we may feel we are in control of our lives, it is our subconscious that 80% of the time, yields the most power over us. I can help you to identify key blocks or issues in your life, assisting with acknowledging and integrating your shadow side, bringing a higher understanding about who you are, your purpose in life and how we are all interconnected.

I am that rainbow bridge in between the two worlds that helps you transition as smoothly as possible into the new paradigm or next dimension; so that you too can embrace your light from within, continuing to empower and guide yourself the rest of the way. Whether you come to me for a reading, a journey to truth or an adventure into the depths of your soul you can be guaranteed to leave the session feeling uplifted with a greater understanding and clarity that will assist you in the next phase of your life.

Card Decks

Mystical Dreamer Tarot
ArchAngel Power Tarot
Colour Healing Therapy

Experience and Gifts:

I learnt that I was ‘different’ from a very young age. Even when I were a baby my mother was told I am an ‘old soul.’ Here is a list of some of my gifts and experiences. I constantly do my best to stay connected and in tune. If ever I am unsure, I take a look outside myself as it shows through my outer world in the experiences I have and the synchronicities as well as beings I cross paths with.

* Personal Development – Personal Power - I have a heavy background and basis in personal development as I was raised with it as a child.

* Channelling - 2002 – My journey with tarot reading began. Before I figured it out, I was already in tune and began channelling as I began a whole new journey. Serving as a vessel for messages.

* Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing - I see images in my minds (third) eye. Sometimes they can be very subtle, other times quite vivid.

* Clairsentience – Clear Feeling – Empathetic – The ability to receive intuitive messages via feelings, emotions, or physical sensations. Empathy (feeling the emotions of others) is also a form.

* Clairaudience – Clear Hearing - A way of receiving intuitive messages without using physical ears – the voice comes from within. Hearing words, phrases and or names.

* Claircognizance – Clear Knowing - ability to just know something without logic or facts. It may help to think of it as an inner knowing. They can also come in the form of intuitive thoughts that can pop into your head at random.

* Precognition – The ability to foretell the future. I also have the ability to see past images. I also get ‘angel bumps’ or ‘goosebumps’ as a sign of further confirmation. This has often occurred strongly via my dreams. In addition to this I’ve learnt how to analyse dreams and experience different realms within them.

* Telepathy – I have been known to finish people’s sentences (not knowing I was tuned into their thoughts and feelings) and to often say what people are thinking or feeling.

* Energy and Crystal healing - Two forms of healing used as complimentary healing, that have been known to work very well depending on your beliefs and/or sensitivity.

* Automatic Writing

* Colour Psychology; which I still use consciously, every day in my life. I have a deck of Colour cards that I use as a lovely addition.

* I have helped other connect with and strengthen their intuition, uncovering their abilities and hidden talents, helping them to have faith and trust in themselves and the universe.

* Helping people see the Physical/Emotional connection (physical ailments and emotions are connected) Along my journey I found that there was a connection between our bodies and minds only to come across a book later by Inna Segal entitled “The secret guide to our body language” that confirmed my beliefs and experiences.

* Mediumship – I have on occasion seen and talked to/channelled loved ones that have passed away. It often occurs through a mix of abilities such as telepathy and clairaudience. This is an ability that has been slowly coming through over time.


I am working from Decked Cafe in Paddington, which is right near the heart of Brisbane City, just past Suncorp stadium. Please let me know 24 hours in advance minimum if you cannot make the time we scheduled .


Due to time difference it would be helpful to know a week in advance of when you would like your session. Please let me know 24 hours in advance if you cannot make the session. As I am a night owl myself, my services are not limited to where I live.

Please note: I am happy to assist those who lead busy lives or live overseas via Skype sessions. Let me know a day and time suitable for you and we will see if we can weave our webs of fate together.

For more information call or send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. =)

More about “Alchemy from the Heart”

This page has been created in sync with my life purpose to incorporate all of my skills in my scope of practice to help uplift humanity. This is to help me network and get the messages across from the divine to further connect us all and bridge the gap of separation.

Facing our truth

Where once we all were wishing to escape and hide from the world, we have learnt that truth indeed sets us free! By healing ourselves from within we remember that the only enemy we ever had was within us and that we have been the heroes we were looking for all along, all we had to do was have the courage to look in the mirror, choosing to take action. I’ve worked hard at unlocking and nurturing my abilities so that I may live a life filled with abundance, assisting others to empower themselves, and turn our dreams into our reality.

Products and Services

Each session, tailor made for your individual needs;

$50 per 30 min
$100 per 60 min

Tarot 3 card reading; (Festivals, Events, Markets only)

$20 per 15 min
$40 per 30 min
$70 per 50 min
$90 per 60 min

Various aspects to choose from are;

Life purpose, Family and Home
Relationships - Love and Friendship
Facing and Conquering Fear - Abundance blocks
Healing Past Trauma - Post Traumatic Growth
Shadow work

(If session goes over, price still remains as originally stated)

I run my sessions based on a WHOLE-istic approach. Using the knowledge acquired to address where the imbalance is causing disharmony in your life.

Whole-istic Healing, Divine Connections, Energy Healing, Inner Peace, Balance & Harmony, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial and Metaphysical realm

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