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Queensland Headshots

Your Queensland Headshot Session

As you have probably worked out already, we delve into far more than just “headshots”. Although as an actor you spend most of the time in front of the camera, it’s the behind the scenes work an Actor does to promote themselves in the integrate world of marketing that really counts. As an Actor you are your own sales department. Yes, being “discovered” because we are all so talented would be wonderful, however the chances of winning the lottery are more likely without having a marketing game plan to help this discovery along.

This begins with your Queensland Headshot session which is designed to create a marketing tool that will capture the attention of industry professionals and drive your career in the right direction.
We treat your session like that of a professional film project. We become the director to guide you towards what will become a captivating headshot using your own personal expression and creativity throughout the entire session. We aim to have your personality, spark, and that uniqueness that separates you from the crowd immortalised.

“Fame is a result of media response or manipulation. Fortune is a result of business savvy, inheritance, or dumb luck. Fame and fortune in the acting world is a result of being business savvy and a marketable working actor with a lot of good luck and timing thrown in. –Kym Jackson (The Hollywood survival guide for Aussie Actors)”


We like to shoot between 4-6 different looks during a session but suggest you bring at least 5 to 10 different options for clothing. Marketing crosses many areas some of which you may not have yet realised, so shooting a range of looks will allow you to have multiple shots available. For other sessions, such as modelling or portfolio shots make sure you bring an assortment of both tops and bottoms.

Most headshot companies will have a strict limit on the number of shots they take. We shoot each look til we feel we have “got it!” and will shoot anywhere between 50-200 shots and you will end up with plenty of final shots you have approved as candidates for marketing yourself, including, no doubt, those impossible to delete fun ones that just spark that inner child laughter life should be filled with!

We shoot our headshots in a horizontal format for several reasons. For one, the eye see’s horizontal first, the movie screen is horizontal and when they have a close up of an actor on the screen they are cropped like we crop our headshots usually. We like the eye to have somewhere to go when viewing a headshot, when it’s vertical there is nowhere to move, nowhere for the eye to wander. But if you feel you need vertical shots during your session just let us know and we will be happy to shoot them for you as well.

Together at the end of each look we will inspect each shot one by one to determine their potential use or not as we go. This allows the session to change the focus of the shots as we approve each shot together.


If you choose Queensland Headshots as your photographer then you are agreeing that it's your responsibility to convey anything that you feel could be improved over the course of the shoot while we are shooting. It is our goal to have you totally satisfied with the outcome and things are for the most part easy to adjust during the session. However, once the session is over then it's your responsibility to work with the images that we have together decided to keep.

We believe that we have an incredible eye to recognise a good shot when we see one, so we have no problem deleting shots in order to find the ones that are going to open doors for you. However, we have no control of how others (agent, publicist , friends ,etc.) will react to your session after you leave our studio.

If, for any reason, something causes you to doubt the marketability of any part of your session and you would like to add another look or two, we charge a $100 fee for another hour of shooting. Anything that you feel could have been improved should've been brought up during the initial session and it is not the responsibility of the studio after you have left the shoot. This offer is only available for 30 days from your original session and after that you are free to update at any time by doing a discounted returning client session.

Before you leave the studio the approved shots will be made available on your own password protected proofing website. You will be able to give the password to friends, family, agents, casting directors and anyone else who might help you choose the shots you decide to use. Through our proofing site you can also share the images through social media via the links you’ll see next to each image in your gallery.


Once you've chosen your final shots you'll contact us for the retouching of your selected photos.
For quality control purposes we don't release high resolution images directly to our clients, so if you elect to shoot with us you will be using us for processing the high res images and retouching needs.

Once you have chosen your shots, we will work on them and set up an appointment for you to view and approve the retouching. You can see more information regarding rates for printing on our website.

We like to decide what you will wear from a range of your clothing. There are things we love and things we stay away from. Do NOT be seasonal, everything from t-shirts, tank tops to jumpers and jackets can work, and we love textures and layers.
We would generally stay away from crazy patterns, unless you just love something that falls into that category, in which case, by all means bring it along and we will see if it works.

Never dress with the thought that you would book a certain role if you wore a particular outfit. You have to love it! Remember, this is YOU we are shooting, so bring your own personal style into the shot. It will help bring your personality out and help you feel more comfortable at the same time. If you don’t feel comfortable in it, more than likely you won’t shoot well while wearing it. We don't want to shoot anything that you don't feel comfortable wearing.

All colours can work, so bring a wide variety of colours. It is better for us to get a visual of something and we have definitely been surprised in the past by our client choices we didn’t expect to work looking great on camera. We do tend to veer away from your skin tone colour items.

Please remember, if you don’t bring something to the studio we can't shoot it, so always err on the safe side if you find yourself questioning whether or not something will work just bring it along. We would rather see you with more options than less.

Should you go shopping for new clothes? Sure! Why not! We want you to have fun with this, if you feel your current wardrobe is missing something then feel free to go shopping!
Always in life be the Actor the industry wants.. a prepared and professional one! Have all your clothing choices ironed and ready to wear. We do have a steamer, however remember this takes up time should it need doing.



Makeup for the session is required for all women. If you require a makeup artist we can provide one at a cost of $50 which is required as a deposit before the shoot date so we can secure them. We start off with a natural and very clean look adding a touch of makeup in the middle of the shoot should you prefer a darker look as well. If you want to do your own makeup that is fine but please bring everything you need. Our makeup artist is there throughout the session in order to make sure the makeup is fresh and attend to anything while we are shooting. If you opt for the extra hour of shooting there will be an additional $20 for makeup.

We ask that everyone come in with their hair ready as if they are going to an audition. We want your hair in your headshot to match the way you will look in person (think everyday natural going out look opposed to a dramatic hairstyle). You are in charge here and your hair has to look like something that you can recreate for your auditions. If you have chosen to use our makeup artist for an extra $10 they can also do your hair.

We've found that it is such a personal thing it's best that you feel like “you” in the pictures, so feel free to bring whatever styling products you need in order to handle creating your look. We also love producing range by changing the hair during the session by putting it up, etc. If you walk in and are having a bad hair day for any reason, don't panic, we will discuss it and the makeup artist will help work on it until it's where we need it to be in order to shoot well.


It's not required, but men can hire our makeup artist if you feel you need grooming on the shoot for $30. Also, for the guys who grow decent scruff or feel you can market yourself in that direction, you can come in with some growth and we'll shoot until we feel we've gotten it covered and then you can shave, so bring your razor, etc.


Headshot Session

Our headshot session rate is $299 inc tax for the shoot. There is a $50 deposit required to book a session, this is non-refundable and goes towards the $299 total. The session is an hour and a half of shooting once you’re in front of our camera. Give us a head’s up of what type of shots you’re looking for and we’d be happy to accommodate you. If you feel that you need more time you can add an hour of shooting for $100, just let us know when you book the session.

Returning Clients

Once you've shot with us the first time you become eligible to take advantage of our discount offer to returning clients.

Should you decide to work with us ever again, you will never have to pay a high price for shots for the rest of your career. All returning clients can take advantage of a session for $100. The session is 1 hour of shooting and is designed to revamp your shots any time you feel you need an update. The cost of women's makeup for the returning client session remains at $50. If you are a returning client but would like to add some shots for a modelling portfolio you can do the 1 1/2 session for $150. Make up for this session is $70.


For kids 16 and under we offer an hour session for $199. If the girls would like make up it’s $30 for the session.


We shoot up to three sessions per day Monday-Friday and Weekends by appointment, we begin the sessions mid-morning. We sometimes change those times depending upon the schedule each particular day, so we do ask people to be a bit flexible. Make sure you don't have anything else scheduled close to the end of your session in case we feel we need more time with you. In order to get the session you prefer we suggest you book in advance. If you need to get in ASAP then just contact us about the schedule. We do try to accommodate everyone and you can always be put on our waiting list. As openings arise we contact people in the order they were placed on that list. If for any reason you need to change a scheduled session, we require 72 hours notice, otherwise you forfeit your deposit. However, if we are able to fill your slot with another client within the 72 hour period then we would credit your deposit towards your rescheduled session.


A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to book a session and is due after you've chosen a shoot date and scheduled it with us. If it is not received at least one week prior to your scheduled session, the session will be granted to someone on our waiting list. We accept cash, as well as PayPal (which allows credit card payments). The remaining balance is due the day of the session.


Queensland Headshots studio is located at;

1192 Stanley Street East,
Coorparoo, QLD 4151

Call Wade on 0403 871 686 or Mark on 0447 584 562

Email: bookings@queenslandheadshots.com
Web: www.queenslandheadshots.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QueenslandHeadshots
Twitter: https://twitter.com/QldHeadshots

Queensland Headshots is a group of passionate professional photographers who all work and live in the movie industry. They provide great quality, low cost Actors Headshots, Chat to Cameras, Script Reads (readers provided), Screen Tests, and more.

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