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Juicy Online Media

Juicy Online Media is a Brisbane & Gold Coast based digital marketing agency with a small team that delivers big results. We work hand in hand with your business to design and implement a custom created digital marketing plan, which delivers results. Through the mediums of social media, SEO, PPC and digital marketing we have developed systems that allow us to project your voice to your audience and increase your followers which will make you a leader in your target industry.

Clients that utilise our digital marketing services are corporate Australian companies, SME’s, startups and even individual sole traders. We have created high performing social media campaigns for companies that cover a wide range of industries. We have worked with restaurants, bars, online stores and bricks and mortar businesses. We have hosted community forums in the not for profit sector and provided ongoing advice to Australian NGO’s. We have also conducted live social media events for our clients in the Australian fashion industry.

We love Social Media, really dig Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click marketing. Its all about diversifying your traffic and aiming for bigger and better user engagement and brand exposure. Online digital marketing is a great way to engage your audience with content and to show personality, while SEO is how people find you when searching online with keywords using the using search results found on Google and Bing. We build long-term strategies for your Small Business’s needs and build relationships by interacting with your audience.

Social Media Marketing Management

Social media marketing is the main purpose of your company’s online digital media marketing plan. Without a strong social media presence, you are neglecting your audience, existing and potential customers and allowing your competition to become influencers in your market. As a business one of the most important things you can do online is to always interact with your customer base, neglecting them is just bad businesses. Juicy Online Media will work with you to design and kick start a custom social media plan, which targets your existing customers. Our laser targeted blueprints and social media marketing plans let your company attract new followers in your industry. These are people that want to engage with your business. Our goal is to always ensure that our client is an influencer in their space and that your audience will always go to you first, for advice or for more information.

Your social media accounts need to be populated with quality content, so it’s important to keep in mind that the quality and relevance of the content which you syndicate, is a reflection of your business. It’s important that you compile your content in a way that meets or solves a problem that your customers may have. By always keeping your audience informed of subjects that are relevant to your business, its an excellent way of converting your social media followers into paying customers. Here at Juicy Online Media we are the experts at creating compelling content that is industry related and engages your customer base. We also monitor trends and what’s going on in your industry. Content like this is always well received by your followers, as it’s presented in a friendly, honest and engaging way.

Social Media Community Management

Did you know that while social media marketing has a lot of things in common with community management, the actuality is that is a completely different marketing method. Social media community management, when done properly, allows your business or company to engage and open dialogue with your audience and customer base. The more you talk to your audience, the more chances you have of converting them into buyers and for them to become your future customers. Here at Juicy Online Media, our community management best practices allow your business to re-engage with previous customers that may have forgotten about your brand while continuing to foster solid relationships with your audience and potential future customers.

By creating relevant and visually appealing content about your company, then posting it to your social media groups, you can ask your audience their input and create a passionate community that follows your business.

Social Media Marketing for business

When it comes to your business, restaurant, fashion brand or other, social media marketing allows you to increase the awareness of your business and increase its brand followers. Syndicating information, promotions or specials, new menu changes or corporate news to the social networks, generates more engagement with your audience. The more informed your audience is about your business, the more chances you have of getting them to visit your business and for you to convert them into paying customers.

The primary social media network you must build a business profile on is a Facebook. Studies show that of all the different social media platforms, Facebook is still by far the most popular. When creating your company Facebook page be sure to use high-quality professional photos of your restaurant, fashion brand or business in the header space. As you submit news and information about your business, always be sure to include video or images along with your written content to grab your audience’s attention.

Remember to interlink your social media accounts and cross post your content during syndication. Having your social media networks all working together in this way can funnel your followers and subscribers across your various channels. Your business is your brand, so the more often your audience is exposed to it, the more chance you have of converting the into paying customers of your product or service.

Small business social media training

Juicy Online Media provides businesses with social media training workshops to bring your company up to speed with the latest trends and social media best practices. Our workshops provide insights and guides your staff with hands on learning. Our social media training services are attended by business owners, sole traders and even individuals. Our Topics cover all of the large social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We also cover marketing strategies, business reputation monitoring, social media strategies, written and visual content creation as well as much more. Trust us to ensure your business is brought up to speed on best practices and boost your community engagement.

Our training sessions cover many different areas of social media marketing, including: Which social media networks are best and how to use them efficiently. How to develop a content strategy and best practices for content syndication. Developing and implementing goals, while sticking to a content publishing calendar. Optimisation of your social media channels and ensuring that your audience is engaged with your brand. Brainstorming ideas that can boost your followers and subscribers, by introducing promotions and time sensitive discounts.

Live event social media

By covering a live event hosted by your business, you can increase your company’s influence and gain more followers on your social media platforms. Unfortunately a lot of businesses make mistakes doing this, as it takes time away from your existing customers as well as potential ones. Allow Juicy Online Media to attend your event and ensure your live social media coverage is efficiently implemented. Together we will develop a social media strategy for your event and post to your social accounts during the coverage. We will engage your audience with keynotes, event related #hashtags and monitor your social media accounts for specific questions asked by your audience during the event.

Live social media event coverage offers your business much more than just producing an event and live tweeting. By allowing Juicy Online Media to cover a live event hosted by your business, you can increase your company’s influence and gain more followers on your social media platforms. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses do tend to make mistakes doing this, as it takes time away “face time” from their existing customers as well as potential new ones.

SEO for small business

Search Engine Optimisation is the act of optimising your company’s website and improving your ranking on sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your website’s content which your business creates and uploads is a determining factor in the ranking position of your website in the search engines. The more relevant and informative that the articles on your website are, the higher you will be ranked in the search engines. Ideally it’s best that your company appears on the first page results. When potential customers type in the name of your business or keywords related to the services or products which you offer, you want your business to be the first website that they click on.

When large search engine sites such as Google try to determine where in the rankings and which page to place your company’s website, they firstly take a look at a few different ranking factors. A few factors for example are your on page SEO, inbound and outbound links, as well as the loading speed of your pages.

Your business needs to let the major search engines such as Google know where you are. This means from a Search Engine Optimisation point of view, your website needs to clearly explain your company’s location and what product or service you offer. Optimising your site in this way will ensure that you are ranked highly and on the first page of the search results. Local SEO can be confusing at times and it’s difficult to know where to start, especially with the constant algorithm changes which are used to determine a website’s ranking position. Understanding organic search engine ranking factors and local search optimisation, is linked to the success of your business.

JUICY ONLINE MEDIA assists businesses with their social media & overall digital marketing in Brisbane, Gold Coast & throughout Australia 1300 780 535

Juicy Online Media is a fun and proactive small digital marketing company from the Gold Coast and Brisbane that works hand in hand with your business. You will not get lost in the crowd as we work with you closely on your digital campaigns.

You will find our service packages a cost effective way to engage with your current and new customers.

Leave your online marketing to us so you can focus on your business.

Call us on 1300 780 535.

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